Prolo@Linz 2020

April 18th 2020

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Dear Colleagues,

The majority of chronic pain experienced by older adults is musculoskeletal in origin, yet it is just as old as humans themselves and often associated with reduced activity, sleep disturbance, fatigue and can result in severe disability.

Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical regenerative injection technique that stimulates the body´s natural healing process in joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and other joint stabilizing structures as labral tissue. There are a number of common pain disorders like nerve-entrapment-syndroms, that can be managed effectively by injections of peripheral nerves.

Office-based ultrasonography has become increasingly available in many settings, and its use to guide joint and soft tissue injections has increased and is excellent I guiding needles to the site of interest.

Join us to learn ultrasound guided procedures in pain management brought to you by our prominent faculty.

Dr. M. Kellermayr


Time               Course                                   Speaker

09:00-09:05        Opening Remark                      A. Kulier

09:05-09:20        Prolo 101: Basics                      JL. Pan

09:20-09:35        Prolo 201: Head/Neck             CP. Lin

09:35-09:50        Prolo 202: Trunk/LB                  M. Greher

09:50-10:05        Prolo 203: U Extremity             M. Neumüller

10:05-10:20        Prolo 204: L Extremity              JL. Pan

----Break 10:20~10:40

10:40-11:40        Workshop Station I

11:40-12:40        Workshop Station II

----Lunch  12:40~13:40

13:40-14:40        Workshop Station III

14:40-15:40        Workshop Station IV

15:40-16:00        Discussion/Wrap-up


Dr. Jen-Li Pan - Taipei, Taiwan

Prof. Dr. Chih-Peng Lin – Taipei, Taiwan

Prof. Dr. Manfred Greher – Vienna, Austria

Dr. Markus Neumüller – Steyr, Austria

Dr. Michael Kellermayr – Linz, Austria

Univ. Doz. Dr. Alexander Kulier – Linz, Austria




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Limited Access

Registration Fee

Prolo@Linz 2020 workshop is part of a two-day conference starting on Friday 17th 2020.

Participation in both events:     AFEL + Prolo@Linz 2020                     € 660,-
                                                     Prolo@Linz 2020 only                          € 640,-

Fee includes snacks, drinks and lunch.